Logistick prevents freight damage with one-way, disposable cargo restraint systems. Since 1991, Logistick has been securing the future of their customers by improving efficiencies through innovation.

Cost Effective

All products are made of an inexpensive plastic material, keeping costs low to you and your customers.

Easy To Use

Easy and fast installation and removal of all freight securement systems.


Products are disposable after use with no need to maintain ownership. Please recycle!

Minimize Damage

Keep costs low & customers happy by minimizing freight claims from damaged products.

Promote Safety

Prevent injuries from falling cargo.

Reduce Your Damage Claims

Logistick makes it easy to safely secure your freight with our cargo restraint systems. YOU take control of your shipments.

More than 5 times the holding power compared to a standard metal load bar.

Standard Load Bar 20%
Logistick’s Loadbar Wide 100%

Our goal is to assure customer satisfaction by providing a variety of one-way disposable freight securement devices for the domestic and international transportation industry. Over the course of two decades, Logistick has secured a reputation as an industry leader in damage prevention solutions. Logistick continues to be dedicated to the innovation of freight securement systems to meet the evolving needs of the transportation industry.