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It all started in 1990 when the founder of Logistick, Inc., Tom Kanczuzewski, was working in the trucking & intermodal business and he wanted to acquire a contract with a large furniture manufacturer. To land the new business, he had to provide steel load locks to secure all the loads made by the furniture manufacturer. This requirement cost about $750 per shipment! It was especially costly because he had to ship the metal load locks back and forth for reuse.

The old cliché, necessity is the mother of invention, could not have been more apropos. We knew that there had to be a more economical way to secure shipments! There was, and we invented it – the Loadbar®! The company, Logi-Stick, Inc. was incorporated in 1992, but later changed to Logistick, Inc.

A short time after the Loadbar®, the Strap System was invented, followed by the Wedge® for heavier shipments. Throughout the years, Logistick has continued to create new products and expand their product line to accommodate the evolving transportation industry. Some of the more recent highlights include the AAR approval of the Super Wedge XL® and Floor Brace®, as well as the invention of the Loadbar Wide®, Intermodal Strap®, Intermodal Wedge® and Intermodal Wedge® XL.”

Logistick manufactures many one-way freight securement systems to prevent longitudinal and lateral movement. Our products can be easily installed, can withstand over 10 times more force than standard metal load locks and provide maximum adhesion to all transportation equipment surfaces, while allowing for normal flexing of trailer and container walls. The systems are inexpensive when compared with alternative restraint options and are disposable/recyclable, allowing one-way shipments with no need to maintain ownership.

The strength and versatility of the patented Logistick products help prevent freight damage, reduce claims, improve safety and add product quality to delivered shipments. They reduce the risk of falling cargo when opening doors and are often used to separate several orders on trailers scheduled for multiple deliveries. Logistick products are manufactured in the USA and distributed throughout North America and Europe.

Logistick remains a company focused on innovation to bring you the absolute best in freight securement systems. We will continue to enhance our products and search for new innovative systems that will further benefit you – the customer. After all, meeting your needs with quality products and service remains our number one objective!

Thanks again for your support and loyalty!

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Core Values

  • SPECIALISTS: Experts in Freight Securement

  • EFFICIENT: Maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and expense.

  • CUSTOMER CENTRIC: Focused on customer need and relationships

  • UNIFIED: A Team with one purpose, one goal, and one vision

  • RESOLUTE: Determined to succeed, driven and unwavering

  • EVOLVING: Strategically enhancing, developing and expanding

Core Purpose

To Secure the Future of our Customers by Improving Efficiencies through Innovation.

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