US Cargo Theft Remains the Same in 2013

2017-06-26T11:44:40-04:00March 20th, 2014|Cargo Theft|

   Forbes Logistics & Transportation Incidence of US Cargo Theft Remains the Same in 2013 By Steve Banker   FreightWatch International actively tracks and records cargo theft activity around the globe. This week I came across their publication “Supply Chain Intelligence Center: Cargo Theft USA – 2013.” In addition to quite a bit of [...]

DC Velocity: Cargo Theft 2.0

2017-06-26T16:49:17-04:00October 15th, 2013|Cargo Theft, Safety, Transportation|

Cargo theft 2.0 Yard heists are so 20th century. Today's bad guys are going digital and global in their quest to steal stuff. By Mark B. Solomon Cargo theft has traditionally been a local and low-tech affair. Typically thieves snatch a product-laden trailer from a yard and then fence the stolen goods. The criminals [...]

Groceries are going up…

2017-06-27T15:00:43-04:00March 28th, 2011|Cargo Theft|

Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD and CATHERINE RAMPELL Published: March 28, 2011 A Stealth Downsizing, as Shoppers Pay More for Less Food – Chips are disappearing from bags, candy from boxes and vegetables from cans. As an expected increase in the cost of raw materials looms for late [...]

Cargo theft, a Problem for everyone!

2017-08-25T11:24:04-04:00August 17th, 2009|Cargo Theft|

Cargo theft is, unfortunately, a common burden across the country. In recent months it has been reported that cargo theft has increased. Logistick speaks with customers on a regular basis about ways to increase cargo security as well as cargo stability. Below is one recent article our sales team thought was a good example. [...]

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