Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know how much I will save in damage claims after using Logistick Products?2015-12-10T11:00:21-04:00

Our goal is to minimize and prevent damage to any and all loads. Please help us to diagnose your loading needs with accurate information, weights, photos and free on-site visits and training.

What methods of payment do you accept?2015-12-10T11:01:16-04:00

We accept ACH, Check, Visa, MasterCard or Amex Credit Card, Wire Transfer.

How can I get a better price? Do you offer price breaks?2015-12-10T11:02:21-04:00

Yes, we offer price breaks based on purchase quantities, as well as corporate level pricing.

Do you have distribution warehouses anywhere?2015-12-10T11:03:24-04:00

No, not at this time, however, we are always considering future distribution/manufacturing locations.

Where do I buy the lumber from?2015-12-10T11:04:16-04:00

It is typically most cost effective for you to source lumber locally.

Do you have product information in any other languages?2015-12-10T11:06:50-04:00

Yes, we offer Spanish translation on all products.

Have your products ever been used for racking inside trailers?2015-12-10T10:58:09-04:00

Yes, we have had customers build decking with  Logistick Wedge products, however, our products are not specifically designed for decking/racking.

Can I criss-cross my bands when using your strapping system?2015-12-10T11:09:21-04:00

It is not recommended to criss-cross the banding, but feel free to discuss with your sales representative.

How does Logistick Strapping Systems differ from the Loadbars and Wedges?2015-12-10T11:10:46-04:00

Strapping systems secure loads with banding/lashing, while the Loadbars and Wedges utilize 2×4 and 4×4 lumber. Strapping systems also better secure irregular shaped loads.

What products are recommended for heavy weight loads?2016-10-28T14:28:40-04:00
What products are recommended for medium weight loads?2016-10-28T14:28:40-04:00
What products are recommended for light weight loads?2015-12-10T11:14:42-04:00
What is the best way to recycle Logistick products?2015-12-10T11:17:38-04:00

By working with your local water/recycle company.

Do you sell globally?2015-12-10T11:19:36-04:00

Yes we do!

What is the shelf life on Logistick products?2015-12-10T11:21:27-04:00

A standard of 1 year, but a maximum shelf life of 2 years.

Who can use Logistick products?2017-08-14T12:18:34-04:00

Basically, anybody that is shipping product in a trailer or container.

Do you have representatives to make site visits?2015-12-10T11:25:56-04:00

Yes, our Sales and R&D team is always available for testing and training.

Can I try samples free?2017-07-06T16:36:15-04:00

Yes, absolutely! We offer demo packs for all products. Contact us if you are interested.

What tools are needed for removal?2015-12-10T11:28:57-04:00

A prybar for most.  See the product instruction downloads on the products page for more information on the product you are interested in.

What tools are needed for install?2015-12-10T11:30:24-04:00

It depends on the product. Some products require no tools, others require few tools. See the product instruction downloads on the products page for more information on the product you are interested in.

How long is the average removal time?2015-12-10T11:33:11-04:00

The average removal time is 1 to 2 minutes depending on the product.

How long is the average install time?2015-12-10T11:37:35-04:00

The average install time is 1 to 5 minutes depending on which product is being used.

What products are approved by the AAR?2015-12-10T11:39:20-04:00

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) has approved a load configuration for the Super Wedge XL. Get the certification information HERE.

What products are made for OTR- flat wall trailers or containers?2015-12-10T11:42:14-04:00
What products are made for Intermodal Containers?2017-07-10T15:23:15-04:00

Super Wedge XL®, Intermodal Strap® and Floor Brace®. Coming Fall 2015 a brand new Intermodal Product!!

What products are made for International Containers?2015-07-01T11:41:36-04:00
What is the lead time on orders?2015-06-30T15:30:18-04:00

Orders usually ship the same day or next day.

Where do your products ship from?2015-06-30T15:28:48-04:00

South Bend, Indiana. USA

What number can I call to reach a representative?2015-07-01T16:55:43-04:00


Are you continually testing your products to stay up on the latest trailer wall types?2015-06-30T15:24:12-04:00

Yes! Our Research & Development team is always testing and collaborating with customers and staying on top of industry trends.

In normal temperatures, how long will your product stay on the wall?2015-07-01T11:54:57-04:00

For years! However, our products are specifically designed for one use.

Once the product is installed how long does it take for them to adhere to the wall?2015-06-30T15:19:19-04:00

The bond is immediate upon contact with a clean trailer or container wall. The bond increases most substantially over the first hour and then reaches its peak at three days.

What kind of plastic do you use to make your products?2015-06-30T15:15:26-04:00

Our products are made of post-industrial recycled ABS or post-industrial recycled polycarbonate (PC).

Are your products Hazmat Certified?2015-06-30T15:11:16-04:00

No, our products are not certified for Hazmat.

Are your products reusable?2015-04-08T18:02:00-04:00

Many Logistick products, which we manufacture right here in the United States, are designed as one-way, disposable securement devices. However, we do sell some reusable products, like air bags, void fills and the Void Guards.

Are your products recyclable?2015-04-08T18:01:29-04:00

Yes, Logistick products are recyclable – ask your local recycling facility for details.

What is the easiest way to remove Logistick products?2015-07-01T15:18:23-04:00

The method of removal varies depending on which product is being used. For the best reference, please read the product instruction manuals and watch the installation/removal videos. The manuals and videos are posted online with each specific product.

The parts are not sticking to the wall very well, what is the problem?2015-04-08T18:00:10-04:00

To prevent any adhesion issues with the tape on Logistick products, be sure that the wall is wiped clean of any debris, dust and grease. Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the wall more thoroughly. Only remove the tape backing right before placing the part on the wall to prevent anything from contaminating the adhesive while exposed. Once the parts are on the wall, the pressure from the wood (when cut and installed correctly) bonds the adhesive to the trailer or container wall.

Are your products made of recycled plastics?2015-04-08T17:59:28-04:00

Yes, Logistick is a “green” company and we are as eco-friendly as possible, including the use of recycled plastic in our products.

Are your products DOT certified?2015-07-01T15:22:56-04:00

We meet the DOT requirements set forth in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards bulletin.

Are your products approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR)?2016-10-28T14:28:40-04:00

Yes, the Super Wedge XL passed the AAR’s impact testing and is certified in the Intermodal Loading Guide. The Super Wedge XL was designed and developed specifically to withstand the impacts and harmonic vibrations experienced on the railroad. Our products may be used in conjunction with airbags, void fillers and other AAR approved methods for intermodal shipments.

Under certain conditions, we have had problems adhering your product to the sidewalls of our trailers?2015-06-04T18:24:51-04:00

We use a special two-sided tape as part of our patented process of securing our products to the sidewalls of trailers and containers. This tape has been proven to successfully bond and hold under extreme conditions of both heat and cold. Although the tape holds immediately upon contact, it is designed to increase in strength over time if the sidewall is clean and dry when our product is installed. For this reason, be sure and follow all installation instructions, including wiping down the side walls and ensuring that they are dry and free of dust and dirt at the time of installation. For more information, please contact your sales rep.

What is your company policy on product returns?2015-06-04T18:25:49-04:00

If we have made a mistake regarding your order or there is a product quality concern, we want to be the first place you call to report it. We will ask you to identify the problem and the production number on the box from which it came. If we are responsible, we will have you return the entire case of the product at our expense, while promptly sending you replacement products, again at our expense. Although we have very few product quality issues, we want to be sure you are not inconvenienced further by our mistake.

Are there situations when you will accept a return or exchange of products?2015-04-08T17:55:07-04:00

We feel we have a superior product and we’ll generally allow you to try it, free of charge, before purchasing. Because the cased product is so large and there is a great deal of logistics involved in simply packaging and shipping it, we do everything we can to ensure that what you get is what you want and that it will work for you. However, even with all the precautions we take, there are still rare circumstances when products will need to be returned or exchanged. For instance, if a product is ever determined to be defective, we will replace it free of charge. Note that all returns and exchanges need to be authorized and approved before they are shipped and are subject to a restocking fee.

What are you standard payment terms of sale?2015-04-08T17:53:47-04:00

Our standard payment terms are “Net 30 Days.” We strongly believe in the adherence of these terms since they are part of Logistick’s corporate objective to only engage in fair and equal business practices. We provide on-time shipments of quality products and always pay our suppliers within their specified terms. We expect the same from our customers. In the United States and Canada, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check or wire transfers. For other International sales we generally only accept wire transfers.

What if I need an emergency shipment of products after the daily cut off time?2015-06-04T18:27:57-04:00

Our sales staff works hard with our customers to avoid this exact situation. Our order entry system was designed to help prevent this situation through the issuance of blanket purchase orders. It allows us to schedule follow-up calls to confirm future deliveries, serving as a reminder to you and allowing you to actually control the release of products in conformance with your immediate needs. If you do happen to run out of a product and need an immediate delivery after our daily shipment cutoff time, we will still try to meet your needs as best as possible. Timing sometimes makes this impossible no matter what we do, however, if we can do it, there will be a minimal “rush fee” for the special handling and in most cases the freight carrier (whatever method you choose) will charge a higher premium as well.

Do we have to cut 2×4’s when using the Loadbar XL?2015-06-04T18:31:01-04:00

Yes, there are situations when you will need to trim an end off a 2×4 so that you can use it with the Loadbar XL. To maximize the strength of the system, the board needs to be 3 inches shorter or less than the inside width of the trailer. Please reference the Loadbar XL instructions or video for more details.

What is your policy regarding freight charges?2015-06-04T18:29:06-04:00

Freight shipping costs are always the responsibility of the customer, except with free product samples. We try to arrange carriers and shipments by whatever means you request and always pass on any carrier discounts we receive on your behalf. There is only a minimal charge to cover our shipping costs related to the contacting of the carrier, preparation of paperwork, invoicing and payment of bills (if applicable) etc. If you have any shipping-related questions, please contact your sales representative.

Can the Loadbar XL be install vertically, from floor ceiling?2016-10-28T14:28:40-04:00

DSC_4839The Loadbar XL was not designed to be used vertically. To maximize the strength of the product and the 2×4. use the Loadbar XL horizontally with the handle pointing away from the freight and towards the front/back for the trailer with 2×4 against the product.

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