What People are Saying

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes at the end of the day to say THANK YOU for our successful year. It is dedicated vendors like you that make all of our on time damage free pick ups, damage free deliveries, and especially damage free transportation possible in our Chicago and Los Angeles Terminals and the hundreds of our Customer’s Terminals, all year long.

There have been innumerable times during 2014 when our LAX Terminal or ORD Terminal have advised they completely out or running extremely low of your Loadbar XL; this usually happens late in the day, or after hours during the week; especially on Friday evening or, a number of times, even over the weekend. During these times, you have never failed to respond to my requests, whether by email or phone, and ensure that we were sent these necessary supplies from your Facility as soon as was humanly possible.

I just want to let you know how highly appreciated you, and your outstanding work ethic are to The Custom Companies, Incorporated. Your employer is extremely fortunate in having dedicated people like you on their staff.

G. Smith, The Custom Companies, Inc.

We love your products, The Floor Brace, Wedge International and Logipad have become an essential part of bracing for our ocean shipments. They are easy to install for our dock personnel reducing labor cost, improves productivity and adds quality for customer delivery.

I would recommend Logistick products to anyone looking to reduce damage during product shipments.

Bill Mitchell, Trinity Distribution Services, Inc.

The Logisticks have reduced our damage complaints both on domestic and international shipments…

Larry Shephard, Dow Corning Corp.

Kem Krest has utilized the Logistick Loadbar XL system for several years with good results involving over the road as well as intermodal shipments. We make monthly purchases of 12 to 18 cases…

Sally Bussert, Accra Pac Group, Inc.

We have used Logistick products now on several shipments. I wanted to let you know that they are wonderful. We really like the ease of use and the stability they provide our international shipments. They also look very clean and secure compared to building a large wooden frame. I believe you have an excellent line of products, we have started recommending you guys to anyone who asks (several customers already have.) I look forward to doing business with Logistick for many years to come.

Swen Anderson, RCB INternational, Ltd.

We had a truck deliver some material a while ago with these. It was one of the most secure loads we’ve received! Recently we have had outbound trucks showing up without load locks, so we decided to scour the internet to find you.

“Time flies when you’re having fun doing business together!!

I would have thought it’s been longer than 22 years partnering on load bracing! I’ve been here 29 years, and although I can’t remember exactly how we first connected, it seems we’ve always had “Logistick” products helping us.

We have grown from the occasional truckload or container load going out the door, to “Logistick” products helping to brace shipments almost on a daily basis. We market and ship worldwide, and I can honestly say, in 22 years of using your products (we must have been one of your first customers!), we have never had a report of a damaged shipment from a failure of one of your products! It’s a pretty impressive record considering the rigors of overseas shipments.

As I was reading your email this morning, I thought is was high time I sent some praise your way! We’re grateful for all the support over the years and for the worry-free performance of your products!! We would gladly and wholeheartedly recommend your products to others!”

Tim Schmolke, American Polywater Corp.

Using the Load Bar XL has been a great benefit for LG and its logistics Network. The product is used throughout our supply chain, from Mexico to the US to Canada. It gives us more flexibility in load planning. We, as other large distribution networks in this economy must be as conscientious as possible on transportation costs. Opportunities to create multi-stop shipments reduce transportation costs and creates efficiencies. The Load XL has been a great tool for us in this project and has greatly reduced the chances of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th deliveries from shifting and causing damage or additional labor for our customer. These days, the customer requires their vendors to excel with their customer service while vendors must react with a cost effective solution to each problem. Load Bar XL has helped us do that. The Load Bar XL is inexpensive, easy to install, and a great product for any company in the distribution or transportation business.

Bruce Null, LG Electronics

It has been working successfully for us, allowing us to reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and get the product to our customers in good condition at a cost effective price.

Patrick Hobbs, AGX Intermodal

Since we have started using this product in July 2015 we have had no issue with the product, ordering, delivery or customer service. The order process is streamlined and efficient, receiving order confirmations via email immediately. Product is shipped right away and tracking is available if required. Invoicing was set up with specific requests for delivery and no issues have been met.

The product itself fully meets our requirements to secure the loads and we have no adverse feedback from your receiving customer.

Bob Flanagan, CN Transload

I just wanted to Thank You for introducing Forrest Paint Company, to your Loadbar Wide and the Wedge International.

We load a number of smooth walled trailers and containers for our overseas customers. Your two products, that we have been using are saving us dollars and time. In many cases we are cutting the container loading time in half, compared to our previous methods and damage prevention devices we were using.

Thank You!!!

Rich Nolen, Forrest Paint Company

I have been buying and using the Load bar XL here at our Winchester, VA Facility since 1998 with tremendous success thru-out our supply chain.

Like many other distribution centers, it is important for us to find the types of opportunities to create multi-stop shipments to reduce overall transportation costs.

The Loadbar XL has been an excellent tool for us in these instances and has greatly reduced damages and shifting of the product during transit to all our customers across the U.S. and Canada. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install, making it the perfect product for any company to utilize in their day to day distribution and transportation avenues.

The company itself, Logistick, Inc. has been excellent to work with us as well as deliveries to be on time; and the quality is always consistent. Their sales agents and inside personnel are always ready and able to respond to our needs.

Over the years, they have provided other ideas to help us reduce cost as well as training as requested at no charge to us.

I would recommend Logistick, Inc. and their products to anyone looking to reduce damages during product shipments and overall cost of distribution.

Carmen Bordogna, Rubbermaid Commercial Products

During the past two months, we have found each of the products to be effective in restraining the undue motion of the load while in transit…

Carl R. Bradley Jr., Keebler Company

We are using them for our international steamship container loads & they are great. Now that the crews are used to them I don’t think they want to do a bulkhead like we used to do them.

Products are great. They provide a fast and efficient method of securing the containers that we load for international shipping. Thank you for a great product. I look forward to using more of your International Strap, Banding and Buckles.

Anonymous, North Coast Moving & Storage

The Load Bar XL has been working out well. Thanks for the help you provided and the speedy response time. Customer Service was GREAT!

Monica Angel, The Gilbert Company

The Super Strap works great anywhere in the trailer. They are easy to apply and hold our product tightly in place. Logistick, Inc. is extremely easy to work with…

Robb Perrenoud, Hearth & Home Technologies

I wanted to take the time to provide you with a testimonial for what I believe is an ingenious product. As a contract packager, we handle a wide variety of freight and often do not have a direct relationship with our carriers. Using multiple airbags to secure freight was time consuming, expensive and not very effective in preventing loads from shifting laterally in the trailer.

After years of trying unsuccessfully to enforce our carriers to provide us with loadbars, we were introduced to your product, the Loadbar XL. Logistick has virtually eliminated damage claims on our intermodal and long haul shipments.

Chris Altman, Peacock Engineering Company, LLC

The Logistick Loadbar XL has become an essential part of bracing for us at the Enfield location. The system is easy for our dock personnel to install and adds to our total quality program for customer delivery.

Steve Stomper, Lego Systems, Inc.