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Why Choose Us

The answer is simple: we know how to secure freight! If you have a freight damage problem, or better yet, want to prevent your cargo from being damaged in the first place, we will gladly look at your shipments and make suggestions on the best ways to secure them for the lowest cost.

Our Products are…

  • “One Way” disposable, eliminating the need to maintain ownership.
  • Easily installed and removed by one person.
  • Competitively reduced prices.
  • Four to five times stronger than steel pressure load locks.
  • Great for separating stop-off shipments.
  • Versatile and work with virtually all containers and wall surfaces to secure freight.
  • Ideal for International shipments in marine containers.
  • Used to increased freight security with corrugated void fillers & air bags.
  • Great for install on mixed loads and abnormal configurations.
  • Used to secure freight to eliminate rear load shifting against doors.
  • To assure customer satisfaction by delivering intact cargo.
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