New Solar Array

Eco-friendly upgrades not only help preserve our beautiful planet for future generations, they also save big bucks. Solar Power is quickly becoming a trend toward a more sustainable future. We are excited to share the installation of our 51.75 kWdc solar array.

Logistick shares a building with our sister company Inovateus Solar so it was only “Logi-cal” (see what I did there) to install solar on our own building. Our founder was passionate about sustainable energy and this array will cover 30% of the building’s electric load while reducing our carbon footprint by 47.8  tons (95,729 lbs) of CO2 annually. The building will benefit from energy savings of over $5000 per year.

We are all very excited to see this array going up; Inovateus and Logistick benefiting from solar power is a great step forward for both companies and will place us in a select group of businesses in our area who are solar-powered.

It’s just another step in securing the future of our customers.

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