This year our main goal is to focus on finding more ways to improve our carbon footprint. We installed a solar roof in August 2018 (find it here) and are now running 30% of our building on just the sun.


With our continuous push to be more sustainable, we are excited to announce that we have started production with recycled, corrugated “CorrLoc” pallets. These pallets are 100% recyclable and 100% environmentally green. They can be reused for your next shipment or can be disposed of in the same way you handle your corrugated paper today, in bulk or processed through a compactor.


They are also resistant to molds and pests, eliminating the use of harmful chemical treatments. They are also ISMP-15 compliant, so they are good for export shipments – eliminating the need for heat treated skids. They weigh 65% – 85% less than wood so they are easy to handle and safer to move.

What is the best thing about these pallets? NO. MORE. SPLINTERS!

CorrLoc prides itself on being a responsible company. You don’t have to sacrifice anything when you go green. We are excited to see these pallets in action.

Find more about CorrLoc Pallets here!