Our team at Logistick is committed to delivering high-quality products that continue to prevent freight damage and freight damage claims. We thrive on developing and providing safe and cost effective means to block and brace freight.

That’s why we are excited to announce!! Our Floor Brace® has now been approved as a recognized loading configuration. The Floor Brace is now listed in the Association of the American Railroads Intermodal Loading Guide!

Association of American Railroads

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) is an industry trade group that not only provides the freight rail industry with a strong, united voice that policymakers listen to, they also facilitate the operations, safety, security and standards that make the America’s freight rail network the envy of the world.

Our Floor Brace makes Freight Rail shipping simpler and easier. The Floor Brace® is designed to block and brace freight in trailers and containers with wood floors. It prevents pallets or non-palletized freight from moving on trailer floors. The Floor Brace offers added height coverage than that of a 2×4. Therefore, eliminates the need for treated lumber in international shipments. Using a Palm Nailer, it installs in 30 seconds or less. We offer our customers double headed Floor Brace Nail for quick and easy removal. Above all, the Floor Brace® is a great addition to any of our other systems.

Logistick Floor Brace

Depending upon the load configuration, two to eight Floor Braces are recommended per pallet or non-palletized freight. The Floor Brace is also great for blocking and bracing partial rows.

Place a Floor Brace on each stringer of the pallet and nail in 6 nails for each Floor Brace. For quicker removal try our Floor Brace Nail. Therefore, this double headed nail makes removal easier and simpler. Our Floor Brace is a cost-effective and efficient way to block and brace your freight.

Today, freight railroads connect thousands of American communities to the global economy. They operate the most efficient and cost-effective freight rail system in the world. As a result, customers — and consumers — save billions of dollars each year. Freight railroads help ease highway congestion, save energy, and reduce carbon emissions. Almost two hundred years after the first American freight train rumbled down a track, America’s railroads remain the backbone of the nation’s economy and the engine that moves America.

For more information on the AAR visit www.aar.org

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